Entertainment & Art Law

As lawyers, we do not stand in the limelight, but behind those who do, navigating them through the following areas of law:

  • Music law and all contracts in the music industry

  • Film law and film contract law, from production to commercial exploitation, including motion picture distribution

  • Television and broadcasting law and online media law

  • Photo and image rights

  • Publishing law and publishing contracts

  • Game law and eSports

  • Law of graphic design and product design

  • Copyright of architects and planners

  • Contract law of the event industry

In art law, we regularly deal with domestic and foreign transactions of art objects, loan, transport, and insurance contracts, with damage cases, authenticity, and restitution matters, as well as with legal issues regarding the international transfer of cultural property. We advise artists or commissioners on contracts for work (especially art in architecture), heirs and last will executors on dealing with an artist's estate. We support artists, galleries, museums, and collectors in contractual and copyright issues and represent their interests in court.

Contact persons:

Patrick Dehmer, Attorney at Law Stephan W. Feierabend, Attorney at Law Dr. Annatina Menn, Attorney at Law Dr. Marco Neeser, Attorney at Law Dr. Alesch Staehelin, Attorney at Law, LL.M.