Intellectual Property, Licensing & Competition Law

Where innovation and creativity meet law, we are at home.

We support our clients in the following areas of law:

  • Copyright and related rights

  • Law of collecting societies

  • Copyright licensing

  • Trademark law and other labeling law (names, business names, domain names, geographical indications, etc.)

  • Design law

  • Protection of know-how and trade secrets, trade dress

  • Fair trading and advertising law (unfair competition law)

  • Antitrust law (cartels, etc.)

We are the point of contact for all players from the creative industries, the advertising and communications sector, the start-up scene and all other companies and private individuals involved in intellectual property (IP). We represent the interests of rights holders as well as those of users of intangible works and services. We support companies in developing their IP strategy, in successfully launching new products and in defending, licensing, and transferring their intellectual property.

Contact persons:

Patrick Dehmer, Attorney at Law Stephan W. Feierabend, Attorney at Law Dr. Annatina Menn, Attorney at Law Dr. Marco Neeser, Attorney at Law Dr. Alesch Staehelin, Attorney at Law, LL.M.