External Legal Department

We support start-ups, SMEs and corporations in their challenging daily tasks related to all aspects of business, corporate, labor and competition law (including drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and concluding all types of contracts, corporate housekeeping, trade register filings, corporate governance, digitalization projects, tokenization, smart contract solutions, ESG, etc.). In addition, we offer the services of an external data protection officer (DPO) and a (regulatory) compliance officer.

If required, we advise companies and other organizations on setting up their own legal department and using modern LegalTech products.

We have decades of experience from previous activities in legal management positions in various large companies.

Contact persons:

Patrick Dehmer, Attorney at Law Dr. Alesch Staehelin, Attorney at Law, LL.M. Dr. Marco Neeser, Attorney at Law Gianandrea Prader, Attorney at Law, LL.M.