Criminal Law & Compliance

Due to our profound knowledge, we are the specialized contact persons for our clients in all legal matters with points of contact to criminal law, in particular in:

  • Criminal law, criminal procedure

  • White collar crime, corporate criminal law, compliance

  • Ancillary criminal law (road traffic, narcotics, Copyright Act, Trademark Law Act, Unfair Competition Law Act, Data Protection Act, etc.)

  • Administrative procedure (road traffic)

  • Administrative penalty proceedings

We act as defense lawyers and injured party representatives for accused private individuals and companies, private plaintiffs, victims and injured parties before all cantonal and federal criminal and administrative authorities in German-speaking Switzerland.

Due to our many years of experience, we are also able to competently and efficiently conduct defense and injured party representation in complex white collar criminal pro-ceedings with extensive file material.

Contact person:

Gianandrea Prader, Attorney at Law, LL.M.